You’ll never know how much you’re Pro-Neal until you’ve watched enough Hook centric episodes.


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and kneel for the king Jack Gleeson


Anonymous asked: So I get that Hook's a douche, and it's awful that he didn't tell Emma the truth, but how is he taking credit for what Regina did? *confused* :\



Simple: Remember in Neverland Regina gave Ariel that bracelet and infused it with Magic so that Ariel could get legs/fin whenever? Without switching with anyone? Sure that was sort of her way to make up for separating Ariel/Eric in the first place and after Ariel brought the box, yet she did not have to make that switch permanent - but she did. She could have said you can only have legs so many hours 0- but her magic gave Ariel the possibility to have legs whenever she wanted. She hasn’t gotten a thanks for it and no one except Rumple knows of what she did.

Now what did Hook do? Nothing. He did nothing. He just ran around with fake Ariel and didn’t admit that he didn’t help Ariel at all. He is getting credit for something he did not do. The fact that Ariel could walk and look for Eric and then swim - it’s all because of Regina not Hook. Regina even told her where Eric was in the first place. She got no ‘thank you’ for that.

Go back to Neverland again and see how Hook got praised yet again for something he did not do while Regina didn’t get a thanks for skypeing Henry and giving him hope. Sure you could say she talked to her son and I could say she could have done it all alone w/out Emma and Snow and could have gotten all the credit. When Regina did rescue them and the Charming’s acknowledged - it was an actual rescue and they would have never ever bested Pan without Regina. Compare it with Hook’s lies where his whole heroism is built on lies: him saving David from arrows are lies, him giving Ariel a happy ending = lies. In fact if you want Regina also saved David by rescuing Rumple from that box and Regina gave Eric/Ariel a happy ending. So Hook is taking credit for something Regina did. The fact that Ariel has legs and can be married to Eric and can live on the island - it’s because of Regina not Hook. So he takes credit for what she did. She will never say it though. I would feel like Regina did as well, plus she knows he is lying, he can’t hide it, he is acting like a child who did something wrong.

In fact it’s important to note that he takes credit for something he didn’t do at all. He just lets it roll, let’s the assumption go on. It’s a lie by omission. Twice so far in relation to Emma. A hero would not lie like that. Saying you did something when you didn’t or letting others assume you did it is just as bad. He is getting undeserved credit for something he did not do.

I was talking to a friend about Hook today.  When the spoiler pics of Hook in the knightly armor were released, some online media sources suggested that we would see ‘Emma’s knight in shining armor’ finally, and some fans took that a step further saying that this knightly Hook would save Emma somehow in this past episode.  Do you know what happened? Hook was wearing this armor not to be respectable, not to be knightly at all, but to be the opposite: a thug, a land-pirate. The media got it all wrong, but the show presented Hook true to his character in relation to Emma. Hook presents himself as a knight, a hero, the one who saves the day, but in reality and underneath all his deception, Hook is actually still a pirate who only does the right thing when it’s beneficial to himself. 

It’s interesting how the show used that armor as a representation of Hook’s true character. Much like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Hook is a pirate in knightly armor.  —> The wrong one for Emma.

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I don’t think most of you know, but this girl has, or had, a tumblr. She was getting anon hate of being accused that she didn’t have cancer because she had hair in her photo. Thus, getting her to make this gif. See that fake smile? Can you see how firmly she’s holding everything in? Wow, I know.

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And they lived happily ever after made tapas…

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— “I couldn’t have done it without you, Regina.”

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"Meet me in my vault in one hour."

"Meet me in my vault in one hour."

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